Star Wars: Episode IX Rey, Kylo Ren rumors debunked and explored

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Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Last Jedi] Lucasfilm

Star Wars: Episode IX theories that are still possible.

A list of other potential rumors and theories for Star Wars: Episode IX surfaced within the past 24 hours, which we need to take with a grain of sand — yes, I hate sand. It’s course, irritating… You all know the rest.

To reiterate, these are wild rumors, but it’s fun to speculate and see if these come to fruition once the film is released. Part of the fun of being a Star Wars fan is to create fan theories and have fun while we are waiting patiently (like a Jedi) for upcoming films.

Thank the Maker we have Solo: A Star Wars Story dropping a few weeks, and another animated series, Star Wars: Resistance coming this fall — along with books, novels, etc. What a time to be alive and to be a Star Wars fan.

  • It’s possible that we are receiving a two-parter of Star Wars: Episode IX, stealing a page from the playbook of Harry Potter. Skywalker saga — which would be released a year in succession ( 2019-2020).
  • Rey and Kylo Ren will indeed end up together.
  • Rey’s parents were soldiers of the Empire and Rey used the Force to kill them. This one seems entirely unlikely, but I have to admit that it is an intriguing idea.
  • The Force ghost of Luke Skywalker will appear to Kylo Ren and not Rey.  “See you around, kid.”
  • Captain Phasma is alive and well — please say that she’s dead, for the love of the Force. We don’t need another Darth Maul returning from the grave.
  • Finn will become the leader of the Resistance and not Poe. I honestly think this would be a terrible idea since one of the significant stories of The Last Jedi is setting Poe up to be the new leader of the Resistance.