Solo: A Star Wars Story shuts down Hollywood Boulevard


Solo: A Star Wars Story is taking over Hollywood, shutting down the famous Hollywood Boulevard in the process — Red Carpet Premiere dropping tonight!

Traffic in LA is bonkers, but it’s about to get a lot more wild with the closing Hollywood Boulevard for the premiere of the latest installment of the Star Wars Saga, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The Boulevard will be filled with the glamorous stars of the film instead of the usual honking cars and tourists in jorts.

Apparently, the premiere is going to be such a fantastically huge event that it will take up three full theatres along Hollywood Boulevard. The three theatres involved in the event are the El Capitan, the TCL Chinese, and the Dolby.

Among the stars of the film and expected attendees are:

For all of us fellow scruffy looking nerf herders and scoundrels, Solo: A Star Wars Story drops in theatres May 25, 2018, worldwide — punch it, Chewie!

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Speaking of Hollywood, Dork Side of the Force journeyed across the galaxy to Hollywood where we got to hang out at the El Capitan Theater for an awesome promotional event sponsored by Denny’s. If you’re interested in reading about our journey, make sure to click on the highlighted text above and read the article we wrote up on it!

Let us know in the comments if you plan on seeing Solo: A Star Wars Story opening night or whether you’ve gotten your hands on any collector’s goodies from the Denny’s/Solo: A Star Wars Story experience going on in their restaurants June 26.