Leia mourns loss of Han Solo in latest Poe Dameron comic, leaving us in tears


General Leia mourns the loss of her late husband Han Solo in the latest Poe Dameron No.27, leaving us all in tears in the process.

The beauty of the extended Universe of Star Wars, also known as canon, is the ability to delve deeper into the hearts and minds of the beloved characters of a galaxy far, far away, including the likes of Han Solo.

The Poe Dameron Marvel Star Wars comic run is no different, providing many details of the events leading up to The Force Awakens. The past few issues of the series, we’re given a glimpse of events taking place immediately after The Last Jedi, which is a surprise, but a welcome one.

Leia makes her way to the cockpit with the “Mighty” Chewbacca keeping her company for a bit after barely escaping the clutches of her son Kylo Ren and the rest of the ruthless First Order. She then meditates within the Force, with its mystical energy providing Leia with a gift.

Photo Credit: [Poe Dameron Marvel Comic run] Lucasfilm, Marvel.

Leia is undoubtedly thinking, “You had me at hello, Han Solo. You had me at hello.”

Wow. Talk about punch right in the nostalgic gut. Seeing this image of Han Solo takes Leia and us to a place a long time ago — when all was right with the galaxy, even amidst the turmoil of the Galactic war — with Han Solo in his prime and finally embracing the real hero he always hoped to be.

Photo Credit: [Poe Dameron Marvel Comic run] Lucasfilm, Marvel.Chewie comforting Leia is another heart-wrenching moment, one that floored me to the core. Hearing Leia call Chewie “Fuzzball,” as Han Solo used to is a compelling moment — a tribute to the legendary HanSolo.

The echoes of her past, full of pain and sorrow, keep getting louder; first after losing her husband, followed by her brother, Luke. Leia must carry on without the two people she always depended on the most.

As Star Wars fans, we will soon have to carry on without our beloved Princess, relating to Leia a bit. Or, anyone who’s experienced the loss of a spouse or one dear to your heart; this exchange certainly stirs up many emotions.

Thank you Star Wars and Marvel for this touching moment, touchingly honoring the beloved Han Solo, as The Last Jedi did before it— giving us the opportunity to mourn the loss of our favorite Star Wars characters and those we’ve lost way too soon in the real world.

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If you are late to the party, be sure to catch up on the fantastic Poe Dameron Marvel Star Wars comic run.

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