Star Wars, politics have always gone hand in hand even before The Last Jedi

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Photo Credit: [Archer Film Fest via Twitter]

Star Wars and politics have always gone together, well before Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Dork Side of the Force is bought and paid for by Disney (also known as a shill) in promoting their “SJW” or social justice warrior agenda aspect of Star Wars — at least that’s what I’m told. If that was the case, Disney is way late on their payments because I haven’t received a dime of the “shill” blood money.

Honestly, up until about three weeks ago, I had no idea what the terms “shill,” or “SJW” even were. Now, I know far too well what those words mean, after receiving much hate from the toxic part of the fanbase, accusing me and other Star Wars writers/YouTubers/ fans really, of being bought and paid for by Disney for enjoying the newer content. We all learn something every day, I suppose.

I’ve gone on record defending Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, and Rian Johnson and have paid the price; receiving hate message after hate message over the past month. But, speaking the truth and calling out hypocrisy does not come without consequence — something I’ve also learned.

It’s no secret that the Star Wars community is in the midst of a civil war, one that seems destined to continue into infinity and beyond. One reason for the internal struggle is the perceived agenda of the current Star Wars leadership and their “agenda” of promoting their SJW propaganda — which is a total garbage claim.

A galaxy far, far away has always embraced the political aspects of culture within its films, beginning with George Lucas all the way back in the late 1970’s.

Thanks to Star Wars YouTuber Hello Greedo for bringing sanity to this conversation and researching the topic intently. You’re one of the few who’ve handled it with grace, class, and honesty. I’m going to address the main points in his video, ones that are spot on in describing the current state of the franchise and its long history.