Solo: A Star Wars Story cameo will blow your mind


A Solo: A Star Wars Story big-name cameo will blow your mind, revealing the real big shot gangster in the film.  *Spoilers*

With Solo: A Star Wars Story almost a week away, it’s hard to stay away from the Dark Side of the Force, also known as significant spoilers for the film. Up until this morning, I stayed entirely in the dark about anything related to the plot or anything significant that would ruin my movie-going experience.

Then naturally, the Dark Side struck back, revealing to me something I did not want to know. But, sadly, I can not undo it. I now know the true identity of the “big shot” gangster who is putting together the crew.

It’s not Dryden Vos, but someone else whose presence looms large throughout the entirety of the Star Wars lore and storyline. Major spoilers incoming.

Here’s your last warning on a major spoiler for Solo: A Star Wars Story. If you want to embody the patience and nobility of Jedi, turn away now., but if the seduction of the Dark Side is calling and you cannot resist, then we have a fantastic surprise for you.


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Once again, here’s your final (final) chance to turn away. You can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Jabba the Hutt is the obvious choice, but Ron Howard and the Kasdan’s did not go down the predictable path. It’s someone within a galaxy far, far away who refuses to die.

One who we laughed and mocked upon his return, then quickly forgave the Lucasfilm story group when they delivered an amazing story.

So the rumors are true. Darth Maul is… in Solo:  A Star Wars Story. Actually, formerly Darth. But, you cannot keep a bad Sith (or former one) down for long.

Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Clone Wars] LucasfilmDuring Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Darth Maul builds an underground crime syndicate in attempts to defeat his former Master (Darth Sidious) and rule the galaxy — with Jabba the Hutt pledging his services to Maul.

Of course, the Sith Lord learns of this and defeats Maul. But, Maul, being the resourceful survivor is escapes and flees into the unknown.

When we “meet” him in Solo: A Star Wars Story, it’s now about seven years or so before he meets his demise at the hands of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine, shown in Star Wars Rebels. 

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He now has returned to his syndicate and is, in fact, the big shot gangster behind the heist of the film. Ray Park, who played Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace, reprises the role, with Sam Witwer voicing him like he did in Rebels and The Clone Wars. 

We only see him for a few minutes and hologram form, but he’s the one behind the entire gig. Now, this is fantastic fan service, and I’m still freaking out a bit with this reveal.

What a tremendous pay off for those Star Wars fans, like myself, who consume every single bit of Star Wars canon and material.

Thank you, Lucasfilm for this gracious gift to the fandom. We are truly grateful.

And now, I am even more excited for Solo: A Star Wars Story than I was before.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts in theaters on May 25, 2018.

Learn how to purchase tickets for Solo here.