Han Solo’s 5 most memorable Star Wars moments bring them nostalgic feels

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Photo Credit: [Solo: A Star Wars Story] Lucasfilm

With Solo: A Star Wars Story just around the corner, we count down top movie moments of Han Solo.

Han Solo: smuggler, scoundrel, outlaw, pilot, general, war hero, friend, father.

These are only a few descriptions of one of the most iconic movie heroes of all time. Sure, Leia Organa is a princess on a mission, and Luke Skywalker is an idealistic kid on a hero’s journey, but Han Solo is the cool one.

He’s the one that everyone wants to be. The one that you think is a selfish jerk, only to turn out to have a heart of gold. Due in part to Harrison Ford’s masterful portrayal of the Corellian-born smuggler, Han Solo has had many memorable moments that have helped catapult him to the top of many Star Wars fans’ ‘favorite characters lists.’

Solo: A Star Wars Story is hitting theaters in less than 12 parsecs. Han Solo, who’s up to this point only been played by the one and only Ford, will be portrayed by a different actor for the first time. The world will get its first look at Alden Ehrenreich donning the iconic DL-44 blaster on May 25.

We’re sure that Ehrenreich’s version of the Captain of the Millennium Falcon will have some new memorable moments for us all to get excited about in Solo. The film’s trailers have been action-packed and initial critic reactions to the world premiere screening have been positive. For now, though, we’ve got plenty of Han moments from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens.

Let’s get hyped for Solo by counting down Han’s top moments.