Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge announced by Disney is destined for greatness!


Mark your calendars, guys. It’s all happening next summer‘What is happening’ you ask? Well, if you haven’t heard already, Disney has officially announced the release date of their new Star Wars themed Disney park, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Summer 2019.

Considering we’re nearly in June already, Summer of next year and the doors flying open for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge doesn’t seem that far away.

Though there isn’t any specific date yet, this has amped up the hype for this new ‘out of this world’ park and has definitely excited a lot of fans on Twitter.

As they say, 2019 is going to be lit!

Oh, and did I mention a small teaser of Galaxy’s Edge has also released? Check it out!

Okay, I’m going to keep it real here. I’ve personally never been to Disneyland/Disney World. I know, shocker. And with all bias aside, THIS is the park I would visit in Disneyland before anything else. I mean, just look at how tremendous it looks from the 39-second teaser.

Though this isn’t the final look, if the final product looks anything like it does in this teaser, I might just hyperventilate a little. Disney is putting their all into this, and it’s certainly paying off! It could even outshine other parks, no other Disney park has ever looked so intricate, but hey, that may be just me.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, I’m coming for you!

What makes this news even more exciting though, is that it was announced on Solo Eve (Y’know, the day before the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story)!

Like other parks in Disney World, there’s usually themed food, like the endless amount of Mickey-Mouse, themed snacks. Those mouse ears are everywhere, and it gets a tad bit repetitive. Now, what if Disney did the same for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? Ce’s Magnifique, no?

I would drink gallons of that if Disney made it happen. Disney, if you can hear me, make Boba Fett tea for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, please and thank you.

Oh, and just a bit of final advice, if you by any chance forget when Galaxy’s Edge is opening, this girl has got you covered.

Next: Ashley Eckstein brings the Force to St. Louis Cardinals!

But until then, let’s enjoy a Boba (Fett) tea to go with our popcorn to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story, in theatres tomorrow!