Han Solo is betrayed by whom in Solo: A Star Wars Story?


Who will be the first to double cross Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story?

With Solo: A Star Wars Story less than 48 hours away now have to ask ourselves the hard questions, the question here being who is going to be the first person to betray Han Solo? We know it’s coming, but by whom — or how many?

We know that, from Han’s demeanor on the original trilogy, that someone crosses him and forces him to harden himself to the world and begin to look out for number one and Chewbacca.

From what we have seen in the trailer, Woody Harrelson aka Tobias Beckett tells him the most important rule a smuggler should know, expect to be betrayed, and you’ll never be surprised. Will that be a lesson Han Solo and Chewbacca learn in this upcoming movie?

As we have seen in the trailers for Solo: A Star Wars Story, Beckett wants to bring Han Solo on for a job and yet it is the same man that teaches him the lesson about being betrayed. Maybe that line we hear Beckett say is the response to the moment of actually betraying Han Solo. We never hear Beckett visibly speaking the line in the trailer, so that is a potential possibility.

Another potential suspect we have is Qi’ra, the possible feminine threat to Han Solo. Knowing how Han likes the ladies, will we see Qi’ra use her feminine wiles to trick and then betray Han Solo?

We do see her say that she believes that she is the only one who truly knows who Han Solo is deep down — maybe that will be Han’s undoing.

Lastly, we have Lando. This is probably the second in order of potential suspects for betraying Han Solo since we have seen him do it before in Episode IV. Whenever they meet in this movie, it could be the beginning of a roller coaster type relationship where each one is continuously getting back at each other for the overall disdain they seem to have for each other.

Does it stem from the heated Sabacc game where both are rumored to cheat in? Or, does Lando betray or even leave Han Solo high and dry when he needs him most? It could be both scenarios. Nevertheless, it’s not going to be pretty at all!

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With that being said who do you believe will be the one to betray Han Solo? We all know it has to happen, it’s just a matter of who do we think did it.

Solo: A Star Wars Story debuts in theaters tonight in some places around the world and tomorrow May 25, 2018, worldwide.

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