Solo: A Star Wars Story, Alden Ehrenreich need a sequel or two


Solo: A Star Wars Story was so much fun, that it could use a sequel or two — featuring Alden Ehrenreich, of course! Spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story are ahead.

Solo: A Star Wars Story is genuinely a love letter to all Star Wars fans from the Kasdan’s, Ron Howard, the Lucasfilm story group — even indirectly from George Lucas himself. The cast was the biggest gift of all, especially Alden Ehrenreich who made Han Solo his own — and then some.

They say time flies when you’re having a fun, and that’s precisely what happens while watching Solo: A Star Wars Story. 

When the ending credits began rolling, with the Star Wars theme blaring alongside them; I remember thinking, “That’s it? I want more!” — which is a very good thing!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is a movie that many Star Wars fans didn’t want, but boy, am I glad that Lucasfilm didn’t listen to that “sound” advice. In fact, I hope this is just the beginning, and we have more Han Solo and Chewbacca adventures — featuring Alden Ehrenreich and Jonas Suotamo, of course.

Lucasfilm/Disney have plenty of stories to choose from, with an endless amount of Han and Chewie adventures to tell. Undoubtedly the duo would meet up with the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt, where Han becomes the Hutt’s primary smuggler.

Han and Chewie are traveling to every corner of the galaxy; getting into trouble, saving the day, then doing so the next day sounds like a winner to me.

Maz Kanata and Han Solo also have a long history, teased in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Seeing their relationship unfold on the big screen would be a wicked good time.

One story arc that cannot happen is Han Solo encountering Maul in any way, shape, or form. Han doesn’t believe in the Force and has need seen it first hand until Darth Vader makes him lose his religion of unbelief in The Empire Strikes Back. 

With Solo: A Star Wars Story underachieving at the Box office, will Lucasfilm even make another Han Solo film, not alone two? I sure hope they do.

Word of mouth for Solo: A Star Wars Story is generating loads buzz and momentum, and hopefully it generates enough revenue to warrant at list a sequel. These days, you gotta have a sequel. 

Plus, Lucasfilm/Disney locked up Alden Ehrenreich for two more films, so why not utilize his talents? More Han and Chewie adventure, por favor!

If you are on the fence or even boycotting Solo: A Star Wars Story because you weren’t a fan of Star Wars: The Last Jedi; give it a chance. You’ll be glad that you did!

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is playing in theaters, worldwide.

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