Ron Howard added big cameo to Solo: A Star Wars Story last minute


*SPOILERS* Do not read if you haven’t watched Solo: A Star Wars Story!!!

In a recent interview, Ron Howard opened up about Darth Maul’s inclusion in the film. Apparently, he was a last-minute addition to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Arguably one of the best moments of the new Solo: A Star Wars Story movie was the reappearance of fan favorite, Darth Maul. For those who have only followed the main line films, Maul was last seen sliced in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I don’t know about you guys, but when Darth Maul showed up I shrieked! I wondered what prompted Ron Howard to make this addition to Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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In an interview with (make sure to go read the rest of the interview! It’s really cool!), Ron Howard divulged that Maul wasn’t a planned cameo from the start:

"“Okay, really, ’cause that’s a, that’s such a big thing for people. I will say that was scripted and there was a lot of uncertainty as to who that character would be. So, it was sort of initially written in a rather generic way. It just sort of said “Boss”.And I thought when I came in, I assumed they knew who it was and they were just keeping it under wraps.  And they didn’t.But Maul was listed as one of the candidates.  And I lobbied hard for that.  I thought that made a lot of sense to me. I found that character to be really effective.”"

Well, it was definitely effective! It was the most exciting part of the film, and now I’m just dying for there to be a sequel exploring the relationship between Qi’Ra and Maul (she abandons Han Solo to meet Darth Maul on Dathomir) and find out what his motivations truly are.

What’s frustrating is that, according to the aforementioned interview, this cameo was not inserted into the film with sequels in mind. Seriously?! Ron Howard? How could you do this to us?

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Hopefully, the higher-ups will decide to give us a sequel that explains all of those cliffhanger moments at the end of the film! What about guys? Would you like to see more of Maul, Qi’Ra and Han Solo? Let us know in the comments!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is playing in theaters, worldwide; where you can see Maul as half the man he used to be. Too soon?

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