5 things we can learn from Solo: A Star Wars Story

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And lastly…this tweet teaches us all a valuable lesson

Solo: A Star Wars Story and the Star Wars canon provide this little Easter egg connection.


I guess sometimes hitting something to get to run does work, as the Star Wars franchise has shown multiple times. Maybe you won’t need to soak your wet phone in rice all the time after all.

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Solo is not only a life-story about legend Han Solo, but also reflects values and lessons we can consider into real life and learn from.

And I certainly have learned a lot from it. If there are respected people of color in the galaxy like Lando then why is it so different on Earth? Women from every corner of the world (and universe) are all worth more than what people may belittle them to.

All of these little connections to the real world are what makes Solo touch home for me. Sure, it may be a little over-analyzing it, but hey, the connections are all there.

It balanced comedy and galactic war with bits of realism as the movie played out. That’s something I loved. And boy, Solo deserved far more hype than it got. Especially when there are different parts of the movie people in today’s society can relate to.

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