Solo: A Star Wars Story: Is Qi’ra on the path to becoming Maul’s apprentice?


 Is Qir’a on the path to becoming Maul’s apprentice? Is it possible that she’s Force-sensitive? We break-down some clues from Solo: A Star Wars Story! Spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story are ahead.

Is Qi’ra Force-sensitive? Seeing how easily Qi’ra dealt with Dryden Vos at the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story and with Maul saying they were going to work very closely together, it begs the question, does Qi’ra have the ability to utilize and manipulate the Force?

Knowing her upbringing on Corellia was a rough one, we can assume that she had to dig herself out of many situations that went sideways, especially with Han at her side. Now whether that means she has the ability to use the Force or not is the question here.

Now we probably will never know the answer to this question considering the movie isn’t about her and she’s only meant as a minor role in Han’s life — as he becomes the best smuggler in the galaxy. The only real evidence we have for this theory of mine is the fight scene between her and Dryden — plus the line from Maul.

Maybe Maul knew she had the ability to control the Force and knew it was a matter of time before she would take the place of Dryden. If she failed though, Maul would then know she wasn’t good enough for him. Such are the ways of the Sith!

She passed his test and now he would train her up as her apprentice. Always two there are, right? A Master and an apprentice. If so, we know Maul is “solo” again when we meet him again in Star Wars Rebels, about seven years later.

That does not bode well for Qi’ra and she likely fails Maul at some point.

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