Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy celebrates the women of Star Wars


There are so many women to both revere and fear in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy will highlight each one!

The official Star Wars website,, officially announced the upcoming release of Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy via the publisher Chronicle Books. The book will essentially be an encyclopedia of all the women both past and present who have impacted the galaxy far, far away.

I could not be more excited! I love that Star Wars is a franchise that creates and celebrates powerful, richly developed female characters. I look forward to poring over the pages of this book and soaking in all the details about each character!

Not just the good ones either. I love that Star Wars is beginning to develop a wide range of female characters that are both good and bad.

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There will be 75 featured characters (Awesome!!) that come from all sort of different mediums: comics, books, films, TV series, etc. The illustrations were created by a diverse group of female and non-binary artists who helped Ratcliffe bring to life the 75 profiles.

Recently, sat down with the author, Amy Ratcliffe, and talked to her about the impact this book will have for fans, and what it means to her to get to be involved in a project like this. In the interview Ratcliffe says:

"“This is a dream come true. I’ve wanted to contribute to this universe since I fell in love with the galaxy far, far away, and I became obsessed with Star Wars because of Ahsoka Tano.I’m so happy a book celebrating her, and the female characters in the galaxy with words and new illustrations exist, and it’s truly an honor that I got to be a part of it.”"

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Firstly, who can blame her for becoming obsessed with Ahsoka Tano? I know I am! She’s my absolute favorite. Secondly, I’m super excited that there is a book like this coming out! I cannot wait to pick up my copy when it comes out!