There’s a GoT cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story that everyone missed!


In the most recent Star Wars film release, Solo: A Star Wars Story, there was a Game of Thrones cameo right in front of our eyes that we all missed…

Among the many fun things about Star Wars is the recent slew of celebrity cameos in the films. Solo: A Star Wars Story had some fun appearances and mentions, but this cameo trend started long before Solo. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, James Bond himself (the Daniel Craig version) made an appearance as the stormtrooper that Rey convinces to free her from Kylo Ren’s interrogation chamber.

Stephen Cobert, Simon Pegg, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Thomas Brodie Sangster (he’s Newt to the couple of you who may, like me, be Maze Runner fans…yeah, I have other interests #unashamed) have also made brief appearances as either aliens or humans in the Star Wars universe.

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It’s gotten so wild and pervasive, that everyone waits anxiously for news to drop about who appeared where in the film so they can rewatch it and try to catch it!

Well, one cameo that I’m sure everyone missed was a Game of Thrones cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

There has been a rash of Game of Thrones characters who have crossed over from their realm to the galaxy far, far away. Gwendolyn Christie (the infamous and underused Captain Phasma…I mean, seriously…are we ever gonna get more Phasma?) was the first, followed by Emilia Clarke who appeared as Qi’Ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Apparently, one of the Corellian Hounds that chase Qi’Ra and Han at the beginning of the film is played by Saxon the dog. If this name doesn’t ring a bell, he played a wolf named Nymeria in the 7th season of Game of Thrones. When Arya Stark is wandering lost in the woods, he is the direwolf that she encounters.

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Those Corellian Hounds may be fierce and ugly, but Saxon the dog is pretty adorable! So, who is your favorite Star Wars cameo? Let us know in the comments below!