Darth Maul: How did Maul take over as a Crime Syndicate leader?


How did Darth Maul take over as a Crime Syndicate leader? After Star Wars: The Clone Wars, it appeared his time as a crime boss were over…

With Solo: A Star Wars Story being released, we got to see an old friend that is Darth Maul — well formerly Darth, now just Maul.  He’s arguably the least utilized villain in Star Wars film universe, yet Maul has had a significant impact on the overall story arc that is Star Wars.

Now, we have seen into Maul’s life before Solo but what about after that — before Star Wars Rebels? If you want to look at the complete arc of Darth Maul after he is “killed” on Naboo; then watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV show on Netflix and then Star Wars Rebels. They explain everything.

In the film Solo, we hear the name of Dryden Voss’ criminal empire, Crimson Dawn. Before this film, we had never heard this name before; which clearly shows that it had to have been established after Attack of the Clones but before Rogue One.

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That is a significant gap in years that we need to have filled. The biggest gap we now have though is the years between Sidious defeating him in The Clone Wars to his appearance in Rebels.

I have a theory that I am going to pitch to you that hopefully will shed some light on what I believe he was doing during those mysterious years.

As we all know, at least those who have watched The Clone Wars, Sidious told Maul that he was still going to be of use to him, even though Maul was no longer (technically) a Sith.

That line right there could be a direct reference to Crimson Dawn and its origins.

But why would Sidious and/or Maul stop there? Why not keep going?

My theory is that Maul was the ruler of the leader of the entire criminal underworld. From the Hutt clan to Dryden Voss, Maul was behind everything. All the while still answering to Sidious.

This would be given Sidious unlimited funds, not that he needed that, access to all of the hyperspace lanes in the Outer Rim and complete and utter control of all the crime lords.

Having all of that under his belt would’ve done Sidious’ job controlling the Senate and creating the Death Star very easy. This is the movie I would like to see.

Maul rising to power after being defeated by Sidious, creating the Crimson Dawn and slowly but systematically taking over the criminal underworld — all without anyone knowing that he had accumulated so much power.

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Seeing this would allow us the viewers the ability to finally enable Maul to be put to rest and not dragged back into the limelight again — not that I mind. We would get to see Maul at the height of his power and what he was truly capable of.

Maybe we could even get a Maul vs. Vader fight scene. One can only hope, right?!

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