Benicio del Toro said he would return to Star Wars, but should he?


Benicio del Toro would come back to Star Wars if given the chance, he said. But should he?

Benicio del Toro said he would like to return to Star Wars if the opportunity was there in a recent interview with Variety from the Sicario premiere.

Obviously. Who wouldn’t want to be in one of the world’s largest franchises. And, really, what is he supposed to say?

However, let’s pretend the option for del Toro to return to Star Wars is on the table with Episode IX or a movie down the road. If he could come back does it actually mean that he should.

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Del Toro played DJ in The Last Jedi. He was a hacker who helped Finn and Rose escape Canto Bight, but double-crossed them in the name of money. DJ is a selfish cynic who doesn’t have a stake in the war between the Resistance and the First Order. He is for whomever is in his best interests at the time.

So should DJ reappear in the Star Wars universe? Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument.

Bring DJ back

DJ is a little different than many of the other bad guys we’ve come across in Star Wars . His motives aren’t evil. They’re selfish. It makes him utterly dangerous because you never know exactly what side he is on.

Because of those characteristics, it makes him a rather interesting person to bring back . Would Rose look for redemption from him? Probably not. Somehow she strikes me as someone who doesn’t get burned twice by the same person.

However, DJ could leave his mark in other ways throughout the galaxy. He has hacking skills that go a long way, but don’t look for a rousing speech to force him to pick a side. He knows there are no winners in a war, just a side that loses less than the other.

DJ’s version of winning is escaping with a few extra credits in his pocket. He would be a good character to bring back because of the guesswork involved by the characters and viewers. No one would know which side he was on until the last moment, and even then you would always wonder about his motives.

Rose and Finn would be able to speak to his hacking skills, but they certainly wouldn’t trust him. However, what if the Resistance as in a bind and the only person who could help in that moment was DJ.

Then what?

That’s the question we would all be asking.

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 13: Benicio Del Toro during the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ photocall at Corinthia Hotel London on December 13, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Don’t bring DJ back

While bringing DJ back could be fun, he didn’t advance the storyline. His whole purpose in The Last Jedi was to create havoc and add another layer of trouble for Finn and Rose. He didn’t need to double cross them and he didn’t need to help them either.

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The odd part about DJ helping Rose and Finn on Canto Bight was that he didn’t need them for anything. In the end, it worked in his favor because he wound up with more credits than he knew what to do with, but that’s a long game to run for an outcome that was not guaranteed.

DJ’s return would feel a bit forced if he were to come back. While del Toro is a fascinating actor who could captivate an audience by reading a telephone book, there doesn’t seem to be much room for him in Star Wars’ future.

He’s just another scavenger picking off the bodies of those who cross his path.

Would you want to sell del Toro as DJ return to the Star Wars universe? Hit the comments and let us know.