Lucasfilm and have announced the 2018 Star Wars Fan Awards


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Lucasfilm and are looking to recognize fans of the Star Wars franchise for their creativity and passion for a galaxy far, far away.

Are you a fan of Star Wars? Of course you are: that’s why you’re on this website!

Well grab your Jedi robes and DL-44 blaster pistol and lock s-foils in attack position! Lucasfilm and are seeking the most dedicated, passionate fans who love celebrating Star Wars in a variety of creative ways. They want you to submit your most passion-filled creations to the 2018 Star Wars Fan Awards, an expanded version of the Star Wars Fan Film Awards that Lucasfilm has previously put on.

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The entry requirements for the 2018 Star Wars Fan Awards are broken into three categories: videos, photos, and visual art.

Amateur filmmakers rejoice! is giving a variety of awards in the video category, for original fan films. Awards include, but aren’t limited to: Best Special Effects, Best Comedy, and Best Choreography.

If you prefer still images over motion pictures, you and your friends can don your best Star Wars cosplay and create some photographic art. The category of photos includes awards for Best Scene-Inspired Photo, Best Family Portrait, and even Best Pet Photography! Now you finally have a use for that Bantha costume you bought your dog for Christmas last year.

If you don’t like showing your face, you can opt to submit some original artwork instead of a video or photo. Awards in this category will feature Best Poster Art, Best Custom Costume, and Best Digital Art, among others. All those action figures you spent way too much money on could even help you win Best Custom Diorama (but you’d have to take them out of the boxes for that).

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The winners of the wide variety of awards up for grabs will be announced on a special episode of the Star Wars Show.

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Even if you yourself aren’t creative, make sure you follow along because Lucasfilm will be relying on fans to vote on submissions for a few of the awards on the table.

You can start submitting your most creative Star Wars videos, photos, and artwork on July 18th at so start planning now and get set up for your attack run!

You can visit StarWarsFanAwards or now for more information and for a complete list of available awards.