Star Wars: Episode IX Rumors Update


We are approximately one and a half years away from the release of Star Wars: Episode IX and the rumor mill is flying.

While I am sure that you have been reading all of our coverage on the rumors for Star Wars: Episode IX, it’s time to give you a bit of an update on things. From the news of interesting filming locations and the reveal of characters that fans have been waiting for, there is a lot to cover. So, as one Lando Calrissian would say, “you might want to buckle up, baby.”

Nostalgic Filming Location

Our friends over at Star Wars News Net received a tip that Lucasfilm was going to be heading back to an area to film that they have filmed Rogue One and the original Episode IV: A New Hope. This location according to John Hooey is Shed 2 at Cardington.

The significance behind this is that in Rogue One and ANH, the shed was used to film the “Great Temple” or the Rebel Base on Yavin IV. Bringing the base back into the fold would be incredibly intriguing and would bring nostalgia to a film that many fans are a little unsure about after the polarizing The Last Jedi.

Even for a fan who loved that movie, it piques my interest as I absolutely love continuity. It would be fascinating to see which side the base is on. The Rebels had to abandon the base after the events of ANH and the Doctor Aphra comic series shares that the base eventually falls into the hands of the empire.

My guess is that if we see Yavin IV show up again, that it will be a First Order base. I don’t see the Rebels retreating to yet another abandoned Rebel base. My assumption is that they venture out to other patches of Resistance/Republic sympathizers elsewhere in the galaxy that wouldn’t be as known.

Finally, the Knights of Ren Show Up

The Knights of Ren not showing in either TFA or TLJ can be seen two ways. It could be seen as smart marketing to save them for the last episode of the trilogy or it could be viewed as a huge mistake and a missed opportunity.

I tend to be a little bit in between. I understand how they didn’t really fit into the storyline of either of the films. However, I feel like these are important characters that deserve explanation. If you agree with me, we may just be getting our wish as it is being reported that according to a leak, casting decisions have been made and there is concept art that seems to represent the Knights of Ren on what seems to be Mustafar (Express).

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I have been theorizing that this was likely to happen in this film, as it just makes so much sense that these are Luke’s students who defected with Kylo Ren. If this happens and we get some more canon experience of Mustafar, I think it will go a long way towards making Episode IX a film that receives better overall approval from fans.

Rey has a child

In a roundup of potential rumors and spoilers for Episode IX, Looper credits a redditor by the name of FOOSLS with a rumor that Rey has a child that she is training in the force. According to the redditor, “Kylo becomes so enraged upon finding this that he nearly kills Rey”.

The redditor apparently read an early storyboard from when Colin Trevorrow was the director. The same user also had some pretty accurate plot findings about TLJSo, it is not like the guy is just coming up with something off the wall. He does seem to have some kind of reliable source.

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However, given that these rumors are coming from the Trevorrow era and that there have been a number of changes to the writing and direction team since then, I don’t see this holding much weight. While I don’t doubt that this is something that could happen, I just don’t see it being something that Disney or Lucasfilm would want to represent. From what it sounds like, Rey just randomly has a child while trying to find force sensitive people in the galaxy.

I just don’t see Disney or Kathleen Kennedy liking the idea of Rey “hooking up” and having a child in the process of being a hero to the galaxy.