5 Star Wars characters improved by TV shows, books, and comics

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We take a look at five Star Wars characters featured  in the films, but weren’t improved until we saw them in comics, books or TV shows.

Star Wars films have introduced countless incredible characters over the years. Some weren’t done justice, though, until they were further developed in television shows, books, or comics.

These characters would not exist without the films, all of which provided the foundation for their stories. They all had promising beginnings, but something felt missing from their presence in the films. Television shows, books, and comics have been able to take these individuals and elevate them to a whole new level, making them more compelling than ever before.

Let’s take a look at five Star Wars characters improved by the television shows, books, and comics.

1. Maul

First introduced in The Phantom Menace, Maul captured the imagination of fans everywhere with his fierce nature and undeniably cool aesthetic. He seemed destined to be the next great villain of Star Wars, only he was cut in half by Obi-Wan before audiences could learn more about him and see his story unfold further.

For a while that seemed to be the end of it, until The Clone Wars television show found a way to bring him back. The Clone Wars, Rebels, Son of Dathomir and Darth Maul comics provided Maul with the justice his character deserved. These stories gave him the personality, backstory, and core drives lacking in The Phantom Menace. He remained fierce and impressive, but also became a surprisingly tragic figure fans eliciting sympathy from fans. His true end in Rebels is unexpectedly moving.

All these factors made Maul’s stunning return to the big screen in Solo all the more satisfying and promising. If his story with Qi’ra doesn’t translate into a future film, the comics could continue to be an excellent medium for fleshing out Maul in all his glory.