Star Wars Comic Review: Star Wars #50 Hope dies in the dark


Star Wars #50 is a dark and twisted tale that showcased the uncompromising attacks of Darth Vader.

After the rebels destroyed the Death Star, things seemed to be on the upswing. They delivered the Empire a huge blow, but the Empire seemingly recovered enough to form an attack and regroup to deliver its own round of swings.

Star Wars #50 explains how the Rebel Alliance suffered crushing defeats with a new story arc entitled ‘Hope Dies.’ Star Wars #50 is just the first part with the several more chapters arriving in the coming months.

It begins with Leia at a celebratory party before the Rebel Alliance fleet goes into hiding. Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are coming off a victory on Mon Cala. The Mon Calamari have added their aid and fleet to the Rebel Alliance, and they have never been stronger.

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Star Wars #50 takes a bit to unfold, but it’s a slow build to what you know is going to be a crushing moment.

After all, hope dying doesn’t sound like rainbows and butterflies.

Instead, Leia puts her trust in Queen Trios and as the party unfolds, right before Mon Mothma intends to give a speech, Queen Trios sneaks off. The fleet intends to showcase its talents for the dignitaries at the party, but Darth Vader shows up to ruin it all.

Vader doesn’t just want to hunt down the Rebels, he wants to crush them, their soul and their hope.

Star Wars #50 did a great job of showcasing the ruthlessness of Vader and just how he manages to take down the Rebel Alliance. It gives insight into the time between Star Wars: A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. They’ve already begun to strike.

When it comes to the artwork, there are some stellar scenes showcasing ships and destroyers, delivering intricate details that makes the visualization fascinating for each scene. However, there is some awkwardness when it comes to the depictions of the characters, especially those we are accustomed to seeing in the movies. It’s not enough to take away from the story line.

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A bonus story was thrown into Star Wars #50, giving the background as to how Vader managed to get Queen Trios to do his bidding. This comic was more of a vehicle for Vader, giving credence to his rise to his power and why he was able to stay there.

Star Wars #50 is worth the read. The slow build up leads to a deathly ending that will have big repercussions in the future.

Star Wars #50 is in stores now. Head to your local comic shop to pick up one or get a digital copy.