Star Wars: Episode IX: Are the Resistance heading back to Yavin IV?


Set building and filming in the location that was once used for Yavin IV is about to get underway. Does this mean the Resistance will be heading to the moon in Star Wars: Episode IX?

I swear, by the time Star Wars: Episode IX is released in theater there will probably be no more surprises left. But hey ho, that’s what I get for writing about Star Wars.

Anyway, in case you missed the announcement, it was revealed earlier this week that Star Wars: Episode IX was heading out to get some set building and some filming underway. Where I hear you ask? Only in Bedfordshire, England at the Cardington Airship Sheds.

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Now, some of you who know your Star Wars will know exactly where that is and what the location was used to film. For those of you don’t, it was the home for filming scenes for both A New Hope and Rogue One.

It was the Massassi outpost on Yavin IV shots that were filmed in this location for both movies. So the big question to ask now; is the Resistance heading back to Yavin IV in Star Wars: Episode IX?

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It would certainly make a ton of sense if they are. Since the Star Wars franchise has visited the location twice, and on each occasion it has filmed the shots of Yavin IV it would be a strange twist if the moon didn’t appear in Star Wars: Episode IX.

Then again, it could be nothing more than a whopping big red herring. It wouldn’t be the first time that decoy filming had been done to throw fans, and more importantly people like me, off from guessing the plot. Game of Thrones are probably the most famous for it; they revealed that they filmed several scenes that were never used just to confuse fans and stop them from releasing potential spoilers.

Ultimately, unless it is officially announced that Yavin IV will feature in Star Wars: Episode IX before the movie is released, we will just have to wait until we see it, or not see it, on the big screen. But you have to admit, it does look likely.

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What do you think? Do you think the Resistance heading back to Yavin IV? Drop a comment below sharing your thoughts.