SEE IT: Her Universe debuts new line of clothing dedicated to The Clone Wars


Her Universe’s new clothing line from Star Wars voice actor star Ashley Eckstein debuted at San Diego Comic-Con.

Ashley Eckstein is bringing new Star Wars style to your closet.

Eckstein, who voiced Ashsoka Tano in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, has created a new clothing line for the 10th anniversary of the animated show, the actress announced on Wednesday on

The designs feature men and women’s clothing with inspiration from Ahsoka, Anakin Skywalker and more. But Eckstein couldn’t show off her new line without a little flair. She managed to get several of the actors from The Clone Wars, including Matt Lanter and Dee Bradley Baker to show off the clothing.

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Eckstein chatted with about her new line. According to Eckstein, every year she creates a new line for Her Universe and Our Universe, which are usually dedicated to an anniversary or big moment. The 10th anniversary of The Clone Wars was the perfect moment.

What’s great about Eckstein’s Her Universe line is that anyone can wear them as regular clothing, but with a bit of style that anyone who sees can see your love of Star Wars. This lines adds flair to what Eckstein calls “everyday cosplay.” It’s a perfect way to describe these clothes because they’re something I can certainly see wearing out to a party, hanging out with friends and maybe even to work.

"We specialize in what I like to call “everyday cosplay.” As fans, we like to show off our love of our favorite characters but we can’t walk around in a costume everyday. I love to look at costumes, whether they are animated or not, and figure out how I can translate it to fashion. Some costumes are more difficult than others to design but I always love a challenge."

This is just the first bit of exciting news for Star Wars fans from San-Diego Comic Con. There is more on the way.

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The 10th anniversary of The Clone Wars is setting up to be a fun event for Star Wars fans. The Clone Wars panel at San Diego Comic-Con will occur today – as a can’t-miss experience.

First Eckstein’s line of clothing for the 10th anniversary of The Clone Wars, then the SDCC panel. We can’t wait to see what else will be offered this year.