John Boyega teases start of Star Wars Episode IX filming


John Boyega posts a picture to Instagram teasing the start of Star Wars Episode IX filming, and we’re crazy about it.

John Boyega has been having fun as Finn in Star Wars. Now, one of the main characters for the upcoming Episode IX is giving us a little tease.

Boyega posted a picture on Instagram showing off some new moves and a new hairstyle. The caption reads, “BRB. 9 loading” while Boyega does a spinning back kick during a training session. (By the way, how cool is the gym where he works out!)

Of course, the image has us speculating about every little thing in it starting with the locks.

There have been rumors Star Wars Episode IX would feature a time jump. If so, it could partially explain Boyega’s hairstyle as it would take some time to grow his hair out – something like two years or more (since The Last Jedi came out in 2017).

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It also seems Boyega’s character Finn has learned how to fight in hand-to-hand combat. A jumping back kick isn’t just a lucky blow, but a move a trained fighter would take on after extended training. While Finn has been trained to a degree in combat because of his Stormtrooper background, you don’t usually see them fighting in such close proximity.

Perhaps this means Boyega will have a bit more confidence and seen as a driving force within the Resistance. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, he spent most of his time on Canto Bight and didn’t really make a good impact.

In all honesty, he and Rose were a big reason why the Resistance was attacked since they brought DJ with them from Canto Bight and he would up betraying them. But that’s another movie for another time.

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That’s a lot to get out of one photo, but it’s what we got right now and we’re jumping all over it. Hopefully, Boyega will offer us a few more teases for us to consider.

Star Wars Episode IX is scheduled to release in December 2019.