Latest Star Wars comic adds another Rogue One connection


The latest Star Wars comic connects Rogue One and the bigger story even further in an emotional tribute.

In Star Wars #52, the rebellion is still fighting against the treachery of Queen Trios. But while Star Wars #52 is showcasing Han Solo’s fancy flying to help Luke and fellow pilots, the big moment occurred toward the end of the newest comic release.

Spoilers ahead for Star Wars #52

Previously in the series, Luke and Leia learned about the sacrifices of Jyn Erso and the others in Rogue One. That stayed with Luke up until now, even when he is headed out to face Darth Vader, his thoughts are not far from Jyn Erso and crew.

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As Luke is flying through the bay doors, facing impossible odds, he comments: “Well I guess this is what Jyn Erso felt like … I trust the force, I save the galaxy.”

When Wedge Antilles tells Luke it’s not time to be sentimental, that’s exactly the route Luke goes. Wedge then asks for a call sign and Luke gives him the perfect sign that connects the bigger anthology of the movies.

Rogue Squadron.

Of course, Star Wars fans will recognize the name from The Empire Strikes Back, the first time we heard of Rogue Squadron.

Star Wars #52. Photo courtesy Marvel Comics.

The Star Wars comics continue to connect the larger world. Obviously, when Rogue One came out, there was a wonder if it had any relation to Rogue Squadron. Now we know the truth. It was a perfect tribute to Jyn, Cassian, Chirrut, Galen, K-2SO, Bodhi, Baz and even Saw Gerrera.

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It was an emotional tribute that was reminder of the sacrifices they made for the rebel cause. Even though they knew the outcome, they gave their lives. Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles are in similar situations because right now they have no idea what the outcome is, but they will do whatever they can to preserve the bigger picture.

Star Wars #52 is out now. Pick it up at your local comic shop.