Carrie Fisher’s brother suggests big surprises for her final role


The final appearance of General Organa will be surprising to the fans, Carrie Fisher’s implied in a recent interview.

If you’ve been keeping abreast of the Star Wars Episode IX news – and let’s be honest, you’re here so you have been – you’ll know that J.J.Abrams recently revealed Carrie Fisher will be brought back to complete her arc as Leia Organa using previously unused footage. The initial statement specifically mentions The Force Awakens as the sole source of that footage.

However, in a recent podcast with  Clayton Sandell of ABC NEWS reflected on an interview with Carrie Fisher’s brother Todd Fisher where Mr. Fisher suggests that footage from The Last Jedi will be used as well. Check the video out below.

In the small excerpt Sandell recounts how he asked Mr. Fisher about the possibility of footage from The Last Jedi being used:

"I talked to Todd Fisher today about all this. He has been talking to J.J. Abrams about it…I asked him about The Last Jedi – and he said – he told me that they are also using unused footage from The Last Jedi. He said “There are big surprises coming – with this movie, and with this performance, and with this unused footage – This one is really for the fans.”"

Prior to her untimely passing, it was widely believed the role of General Organa would be substantial and instrumental to the story for the final film. As we’ve previously speculated, the use of footage from all possible sources and the aid of some extra CGI enhancements will likely contribute to the final on-screen arc for Carrie Fisher.

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While it is far too early to say for certain, the lengths J.J.Abrams and his team are going to in order to bring Leia Organa back would seem to indicate that her part in the narrative will indeed be substantial. My own hope is that we get as much of Leia Organa as we can – as long as it remains respectful.

What are your thoughts about the claims Todd Fisher has made? Sound off in the comments below!

Star Wars Episode IX is scheduled for a December 2019 release.