Dave Filoni reveals Star Wars Rebels could have ended differently


In an interview with IGN, Dave Filoni discussed upcoming plans for Clone Wars and Resistance. He also revealed how Star Wars Rebels could have ended a bit differently.

Dave Filoni isn’t a creator who shies away from interviews and that keeps things interesting for those who are fans of the animated Star Wars shows. Now that Star Wars Rebels has ended, Filoni is moving on to other projects, but people are still interested in where things go after that Rebels ending.

During an interview with IGN, Filoni discusses how he was continually tweaking the ending. He mentioned Ezra’s confrontation with the Emperor in specific.

"There were things about Ezra’s confrontation with the Emperor that I kept going over and over on to get the wording just right and to make that gateway between his world and the world of his parents clear. And I kept questioning that, right up to the end.More from Star Wars TV ShowsHow animation changed Star Wars: Ewoks and DroidsHayden Christensen, Ahsoka among Star Wars-themed Fandoms of the Year 2023It’s time to stop asking Katee Sackhoff about a Bo and Din romanceThe Bad Batch showrunner Jennifer Corbett gives update on seriesDave Filoni confirms Sabine Wren’s Loth-cat is okay!"

The Clone Wars and Resistance

The first chunk of the interview is all about Rebels, but he does reveal a little about The Clone Wars and Resistance. He’s not working on the day-to-day for Resistance, so his focus is currently more with The Clone Wars. Filoni is giving notes on Resistance, but has handed off the story-telling to others who he trusts.

With The Clone Wars, Filoni has been going back and watching the episodes and some of the movies to prepare himself for the upcoming work. He’s using his past work to figure out how to make the show even better. While it has it’s ups and downs like any show does, it was already pretty good. So fans should be excited about what could potentially come from this upcoming season.

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I previously wrote about what I want to see out of the new Clone Wars season and I hope we see at least some of those things happen. The show will air on Disney’s upcoming streaming service that is set to launch later in 2019. Resistance will be less of a wait as it hits Disney XD this fall and some artwork was leaked already. Are you excited for these shows? I can’t wait to watch them.