Star Wars: 15 of the best character introductions

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Photo Credit: [Star Wars: Return of the Jedi] Lucasfilm

Is it Vader? R2-D2? Jar Jar Binks? Which characters have had the best introduction in Star Wars?

Ok, so it’s definitely not Jar Jar Binks. You can all relax and brief a sigh of relief; Jar Jar does not appear anywhere on this list of 15 best Star Wars character introductions. But who does?

You will have your personal favorites. Star Wars characters that you think should, without any shadow of a doubt, appear on this list but you will be surprised.

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Some of the most iconic and well-known characters within the franchise are not here. Why? Well, just because they became an iconic and well-loved character, doesn’t mean they had a very good and noteworthy introduction into the Star Wars universe.

Let’s take, for example, Boba Fett. He is nowhere on this list. And I know, I can just imagine some you cursing and shouting, shaking your head violently in disgust that one of the greatest Star Wars characters of all-time is not here.

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And that is because his introduction sucked. Compared to everything else about him, his intro into Star Wars was terrible. He was just standing there, among other Bounty Hunters, listening to Darth Vader give him orders. There is nothing memorable or exciting about that and there are plenty of other characters with much better introductions.

So be prepared to see some names you might not have considered at first, but be get ready to have your minds blown and realize that these are truly are some of best character introductions in Star Wars.

Before we get to it; a quick note. This list is based on movie releases only, up to and including Solo: A Star Wars Story. No characters from books, comics, TV series and movies after Solo have been considered; at least not yet anyway.