Is Rotta the Hutt headed for Star Wars Episode IX?


One Star Wars Episode IX rumor that doesn’t want to die includes the appearance of Rotta the Hutt, but who is he?

Star Wars rumors are rampant, and we’re always trying to figure out the truth from fiction. In June, a scene was supposedly leaked, which included Finn, Poe and Rose visiting with the new Hutt leader.

Now, the rumor has been out there for a couple of months with it circulating back in the news over the last week.

Is it true? We still don’t know, but it’s one rumor that doesn’t to want to go away. Of course, we have heard of the Hutt clan before. Jabba the Hutt was a very popular figure in Return of the Jedi. But he died in the movie.

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The new rumored figure is Rotta, Jabba’s son. What do we know about this elusive character?

If we pretend for a moment he will be in Star Wars Episode IX, let’s take some time to learn a little about this character.

Rotta appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie and television show when he was just a wee thing. His great uncle had kidnapped Rotta in a plan meant to discredit the Jedis.

So, Rotta has no love for the First Order, and owes his rescue to the Jedi Order.

Though that doesn’t necessarily mean he is the side of the Rebels. While the Jedi saved him, Leia did kill his father. Essentially, Rotta has no side in this war between the First Order and Rebels, and doesn’t necessarily need to pick one.

One thing we have seen from tertiary characters is that they don’t want to cross the First Order though. It’s not for a lack of wanting to rid the galaxy of a murdering faction, but they’re afraid of the First Order. They would rather go along with the will of the First Order than fight because they think it’s better to be alive than fight for the right to live.

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Even though it’s insinuated Rotta will help the Rebels, there is no guarantee. The Hutt are gangsters who run a criminal empire, who will pick the side that is best for them. Jabba supported the Republic and the Empire both when it was in his best interest.

And if there is one thing the galaxy isn’t lacking, it’s people who are out for themselves. I already don’t trust Rotta.

Star Wars Episode IX is set to release December 2019.