Star Wars: Episode IX scene sequence description sounds epic


Star Wars: Episode IX is still a long ways away, but a scene description from the film sounds epic. Is it true? We get to the bottom of it and dive right in!

Star Wars: Episode IX is roughly 17 months away, so we need someone to give us something to talk about. Thankfully, a StarWarsLeaks Subreddit user claims he knows someone close to the Lucasfilm story group and knows a scene for the Untitled Star Wars: Episode IX. 

Keep in mind, when dealing with supposed leaks, it’s important to take them with a grain of sand — I hate sand. It’s course, irritating. And it gets everywhere.

Anyways, it’s fun to speculate and not hold on to these rumors too firmly, but it does hold our appetite over until we (likely) receive the first trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX in Chicago for Star Wars Celebration 2019.

According to 4LOM on StarWars subReddit, there is a scene in Star Wars: Episode IX featuring Finn, Poe Dameron, and Rose Tico.

The source says that DJ (Don’t Join) is back and as shady as ever, this time in deep with Hutts. It appears that Crime Syndicates will come to the aid of the Resistance — remember, Leia did say she had allies in the Out Rim.

The new Hutt leader is Jabba’s son, Rotta the Hutt from Star Wars: The Clone Wars — the one Ahsoka called “stinky. “

  • Poe, Finn, and Rose dine with Rotta and the Hutt Cartel, described as having the same vibe as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
  • -Finn and Rose still have not forgiven DJ, and Poe views him as someone not to be trusted.
  • Their dining ends abruptly (this party’s over) when the First Order arrives unexpectedly forcing the trio to flee.

Keep in mind J.J. Abrams is known to leak false plot points, keeping fans off the scent of what’s really going on, but it’s fun to discuss the possibilities for Star Wars: Episode IX and what could be in store.

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The idea of Rotta the Hutt returning is terrific, and maybe Anakin and Ahsoka‘s positive influence on him stays with the Hutt throughout the decades.

I would also love if DJ returned and ended up being a “good guy,” when faced with a fork in the road situation, where he had to choose a side.

The thought of having this trio together sounds like loads of fun!

If you are late to the Star Wars rumor mill, there are other Star Wars: Episode IX rumors floating around.

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It’s fun to speculate during this long Star Wars hiatus, but I’m sure you’re like me and cannot wait for Star Wars: Episode IX to drop in December of 2019!