Could a future Star Wars spinoff film take us back to Tatooine?


A long-time Star Wars production designer hinted that Tatooine may have been one of the possible locations for another Star Wars spinoff film.

Even though production on Star Wars spinoff movies has halted for now, we’re still hoping it resumes sooner rather than later. As we wait for Star Wars Episode IX, more rumors continue to surface about what could still come after it on the big screen.

Cinema Blend reported that a trusted source confirmed a standalone Star Wars film — now on hold — may have been set to include Tatooine as one of its locations.

Star Wars production designer Neil Lamont — who worked on both Rogue One and The Force Awakens, in addition to multiple Harry Potter films — mentioned to Cinema Blend he and his team almost got to bring Anakin and Luke Skywalker’s home planet back to life.

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Which movie could he have been alluding to? You probably know the biggest theory. But that’s not the only possibility.

A solo Boba Fett film has been rumored online, and using Tatooine as a location would make total sense.

At some point between flying off with Asajj Ventress in The Clone Wars and promising to deliver Han Solo’s carbon-frozen body to Jabba the Hutt, the bounty hunter likely worked with plenty of scum and villainy. And Tatooine — Mos Eisley, at least — has plenty of that.

Plus, what better way to foreshadow an unfortunate demise (or so we assume?) than to place Fett on the planet where it happens?

Unless he pulls a Phasma, miraculously survived like he did in the legends timeline, and returns to Tatooine to get his revenge. That’d be fine too.

Now that Maul has made it back onto the live-action screen, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t get his own movie. Putting him on Tatooine might be an interesting move, though it is technically where we saw him “in action” for the first time.

But how cool would it be if Maul showed up on Tatooine — where he would (spoilers) later return to confront his nemesis after years of searching — having no idea how close he was to the man that fueled his hatred most?

And of course, the team could have been working on Kenobi: A Star Wars Story — the solo Obi-Wan film that was supposedly in pre-production before Solo underperformed at the box office in May 2018.

Lucasfilm has said they’re holding off on stand-alone Star Wars movies for now, but just because future plans have been delayed doesn’t mean producers can’t pick things back up in the future.

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We’re used to waiting years — decades, even — between movies. Disney’s streaming service is giving us more than enough content to keep us occupied after Episode IX. We can stand to wait a little longer. Can’t we?

What’s the standalone film you’d give anything to see in your lifetime? Would it require a hyperspace jump to (or away from) Tatooine?