Ewan McGregor talks about Obi-Wan solo movie


We all want it and it looks like Ewan McGregor wants it just as much as he talks about doing an Obi-Wan solo movie.

Maybe one day we will get an Obi-Wan solo movie, but right now there are too many obstacles stopping it from getting the green light. One obstacle that is not a problem, however, is Ewan McGregor.

Turns out he is just as interested in the idea of the movie as all of us. During a panel show promoting his latest movie, Christopher Robin, the subject of McGregor returning to Star Wars in an Obi-Wan solo movie was raised.

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Sounding just as ecstatic as any of us would be at the idea of the movie, he explained that he would totally do it.

Sadly any plans of the movie happening are pretty much non-existent. Due to the poor performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story any future plans to make non-trilogy Star Wars movies have been put on hold or scrapped.

In terms of Star Wars filming, Star Wars: Episode IX production has officially gotten underway. J.J. Abrams and other cast members shared the first official image of the movie on social media announcing that production had started.

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The image itself didn’t give anything obvious away, but no doubt there will be a Star Wars fan out there somewhere, who will spot some tiny little detail that gives us a lot to talk about.

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So do you think about Ewan McGregor being up for an Obi-Wan solo movie? Would you like an Obi-Wan solo movie to be made? Sound off and share your comments below.