Solo: A Star Wars Story novel excerpt reveals scene not in movie


The first look at Solo: A Star Wars story novel gives insight into Han Solo’s life in the military. It didn’t go well.

Han Solo was always a little smug, always a little full of himself, and always a good pilot.

Those are characteristics that followed him throughout his life with a glint in his eye and sure-smile. We got to see that on display this summer with Solo: A Star Wars Story, and we will see it even more in-depth with the novelization of the movie comes out September 4. released an exclusive excerpt from the novel – the expanded edition – of two scenes that weren’t in the Solo: A Star Wars Story, though they were implied.

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In the except, Han refuses to listen to his squadron leader and breaks off in formation to help a fellow pilot even though he’s repeatedly told to get in back. His fancy moves and tricks seem to save his fellow pilot, but going against orders is not what the Imperial Military is about.

One paragraph that stood out from the excerpt described Han Solo perfectly:

"Han peeled off from the formation and chased the Headhunters down, feeling much freer now that he could fly where he wanted to and not worry about the others in formation. In theory he could understand the need for a formation, but in practice he always preferred to worry only about himself and his own ship."

‘Han Solo preferred to worry about himself and his own ship’ – something we saw time and time again since we first meet him in A New Hope. That’s what makes his journey all the more interesting throughout the Star Wars saga.

At some point, Han stopped caring just about himself, his ship, and cared about his friends as well. While we tend to talk about Leia dropping her walls and fell in love with Han, it’s easy to forget he dropped his as well.

Though, when we get back to A Force Awakens, Han Solo is back on his ship with his faithful companion Chewbacca. It’s a reminder that he falls into the same routine when things get rough.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story novel should be interesting like the other novels, as they always add insight and context to moments we watched on screen.

Pick up Solo: A Star Wars Story novel on September 4.