Who could score future Star Wars films? Here are five candidates

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John Powell 

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Where you know themOk, so this one is kind of a cheat. You know Powell from the recently released Solo: A Star Wars Story. But, having already done one film in the Star Wars series shouldn’t mean you don’t get another shot. Powell has also scored the fun and kid friendly film series How To Train Your Dragon.

Why they work for Star Wars:  Powell has already proved quite adept at incorporating the musical heritage of John Williams into his own work. Like most of the names on this list the symphony is his playground. Like Tom Holkenborg he had a close association with Hans Zimmer when coming up through the film scoring ranks. His music for Solo – in particular Meet Han – has both drama, intrigue, and a touch of pathos. Quite like the titular character himself. I would very much like to see what he could bring to a new film score for a movie less troubled than Solo turned out to be. Perhaps a full trilogy with which to full flesh out his unique musical identity?

Notable Work:

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It would be impossible to fully list all the wonderful composers working and adding to the musical voices of Hollywood. This is just but a few of the talented and dedicated professionals. As long as Disney intends to steer the Star Wars universe into and uncharted territories, new (and perhaps not so new) voices will get a chance to leave their mark on the cultural phenomena that is our galaxy far, far away.

What do you think of this list? Do you have any you disagree with? Any composers you’d like to see added? Sound off in the comments below!