Time to get excited: Tom Kane has recorded lines for The Clone Wars


Voice actor Tom Kane has already recorded for Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the excitement level has been raised a notch.

Ever since Star Wars: The Clone Wars was saved, we’ve been clamoring for any bit of news we can find. The latest nugget comes from Corey Van Dyke from Making Star Wars.

He tweeted Tom Kane – the voice of Yoda – has recorded lines for five episodes of The Clone Wars.

We knew it was happening, but now it’s REALLY happening.

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The Clone Wars seventh season should be out next year on Disney’s Streaming Service. The speculation is that it will take place during the Siege of Mandalore. While the exact details of the upcoming The Clone Wars hasn’t been revealed, it still has fans excited about what’s to come.

Disney will give us just 13 episodes, but I’m sure Dave Filoni will make it a fantastic 13 episodes, tying up lose ends and finishing story lines. What’s exciting is that it seems Filoni never forgot about The Clone Wars, especially since it was unceremoniously canceled. He’s had ideas and stories locked away, and finally has a chance to showcase them.

While we don’t know if Kane did the voice for Yoda because he is also the show’s narrator, this is still an exciting piece of news as it gets us more pumped for the series.

When it comes to Yoda’s character, he’s a thread that has been a constant throughout much of the Disney-canonized material. He’s been in several movies – even if he was a Force Ghost. In fact, The Clone Wars first episode (not counting the movie) showcased Yoda, how adept he was with a lightsaber, his forgiving nature and mercy.

It would be interesting if The Clone Wars ends with Yoda since that’s how the series started, but I’m sure Filoni has the perfect ending in mind.

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But don’t forget Kane also was the narrator’s voice. So there are probably more recordings in his future – and he will know all the details!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is set to come back in 2019 on Disney’s Streaming Service.