Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Corps Update: New Clone Wars content, multiplayer improvements, and more


Since its initial launch in November 2017, Battlefront II has released a handful of updates to improve and enrich gameplay. Now, the game is capitalizing on the #CloneWarsSaved hype.

Following the reveal of forthcoming new episodes of The Clone Wars earlier this summer, Star Wars Battlefront II has officially launched its Elite Corps update.

In its recent community post, EA announced the details of August’s game update — including multiplayer improvements, bug fixes, and a new playable map.

Unfortunately, developers won’t be adding any new major heroes or villains as playable characters this time around. But until General Kenobi arrives, there are a few Clone Wars-era skins to hold your interest for a bit.

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The updates launched on August 29 are mostly cosmetic. Players can now purchase clone trooper skins in-game — but not just any ordinary genetically engineered soldiers.

Now, you can fight battles as a member of the Elite Corps, the collection of troopers present on Kashyyyk alongside Yoda during Order 66.

Skins of Jedi Master Aayla Secura’s troopers — the 327th Star Corps — are also available for purchase.

In addition, the Naboo Palace hangar will now be a playable location in blast and custom arcade game modes. Those hoping for more prequel-era locations — such as Geonosis — will have to wait a few months more.

EA also announced that with this latest update, the Ewok Hunt game mode will become a permanent gameplay feature.

Players can also look forward to an updated end-of-round screen. The screen will now display more detailed battle stats similar to the original Battlefront games.

You’ll be able to view not only your score, but your number of eliminations, assists, deaths, and the duration of your longest kill streak as well.

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EA also released its roadmap outlining future content scheduled for later game updates. Count Dooku may or may not be in the works.

What new Battlefront II content are you most excited about? Are you looking forward to future updates coming this November?