Star Wars: Resistance: Meet Team Fireball


Star Wars fans get an introduction to Team Fireball, the crew we’ll be following in Star Wars: Resistance.

Star Wars: Resistance is made up of a group of humans and aliens that seem to be outside of the struggle between the Rebels and the First Order. But no matter how much you try to stay out of the way, the conflict will eventually catch up.

That’s where Team Fireball comes in.

Team Fireball is the name of the crew in Star Wars: Resistance. Disney revealed an extended look at the team, meeting the characters as well as the voice actors behind them. The team is made up of three humans, one alien, and potentially one BB-8.

"“They’re not caught up in the bigger things going on in the galaxy,” series creator Dave Filoni says in the video. “What unifies them is that they need each other. They need to try and win races to survive and make money. Our hero Kaz is a very good pilot.”"

The lead character is Kaz. He’s been tasked by Poe Dameron to spy on the First Order. Only he’s not exactly spy material. He seems to a good-natured guy who wants to do well. And, he has a big heart.

And having heart seems to be the theme of Team Fireball. These are all characters who have big hearts, according to the voice in the video. It doesn’t seem they aren’t part of the Resistance because of indifference, but maybe because they haven’t had an opportunity presented to them yet – minus Yeager, a former pilot of the Rebellion. But here’s their chance to make a difference.

Here are the characters and what we know about them:

Kazuda Xiono – A “very good pilot” who is the racer of Team Fireball. He’s good at flying, but not a great spy.

Jarek Yeager – The father figure of the group. He is a mechanic and a former pilot for the Rebellion.

Tam Ryvora – A mechanic for Team Fireball, and the lone female on the crew. She has a little bit of an attitude.

Neeku – An alien who is a positive outlook on life, and a little geeky.

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A few other notes from the video:

– We got our first glance at General Leia Organa. She appeared in a holo-message, looking as regal as ever.
– Many Star Wars fans noticed a character in red armor. There are lots of questions and speculation around that one.
– Despite some big names attached to the series (Donald Faison, Bobby Moynihan), they are not part of the main crew.
Star Wars: Resistance is made for a younger audience in mind, though it does seem curious that it would premiere at 10 PM ET. Some of the jokes or dialogue may not be for some fans.

Star Wars: Resistance premieres October 7 at 10 p.m. ET on Disney XD.