Will Poe Dameron find love in Star Wars: Episode IX?


Poe Dameron wears a ring around his neck he hopes to give to someone special one day. Will that happen in Star Wars: Episode IX?

Star Wars: Episode IX will likely have a time jump. It makes the most sense and so much could happen in that time – depending on how long that jump could be. Poe Dameron has had a lot going on since the start of The Force Awakens with crash landing on Jakku, leading a mutiny, and forging new friendships.

But one thing we have wondered about is that ring around his neck. We learned a while back from The Last Jedi: Visual Dictionary, it was his mother’s wedding ring and he was waiting for the right person to give it to.

While love is not a major priority while fighting a war, we all know it can happen when least expected – see: Leia and Han.

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But it feels like this piece of jewelry was noted for a reason. Perhaps Poe Dameron’s chance at finding love is coming.

Unless Poe is going to be in future films, his last chance will be Episode IX. A time jump is mentioned because starting a relationship in this movie with everything that has to be resolved doesn’t seem feasible. Poe meeting someone off screen and seems like a more viable option – unless, of course, we have already met that person.

One thing that has been lacking from the new trilogy is a good love story, not the creepster show we’ve gotten with Rey and Kylo Ren or the out-of-the-blue feelings Rose developed her Finn.

Love isn’t just a feeling to give you butterflies in your stomach, but it is hope too. If in such dire circumstances, you can still see through the danger, the death and destruction, and make a connection with someone, there’s hope. Hope that there is a reason for the war and good is on the other side of it.

Perhaps when Star Wars: Episode IX starts, someone else will be wearing Poe Dameron’s ring to give us hope, to give us a reason to root for the future.

I’m rooting for love wherever he may find it.

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled to hit theaters December 20, 2019.