Solo: 5 Reasons to be excited for the movie’s novelization


The Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization came out today and you should pick it up. Don’t believe it? Here are five reasons.

Book readers rejoice as the Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization is out today. The book features insight, extra scenes and more in the Mur Lafferty’s book.

For Star Wars fans, the movie novelization always feel like a must-read. The books capture more than the movies and offer a deeper look into the minds of the characters. Solo is no different.

Here are five reasons to get excited about the Solo novel.

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1. Extra scenes: The extra scenes are always a fun part of the movie novelizations. They add extra context, and you don’t have to worry about time constraints.

In Solo, we get extra scenes on Corelia, learn more about Han’s exploits in the Imperial Navy and get behind the scenes information on Enfys Nest. The extra scenes are where a lot of the fun happens.

2. Added insight: The inner dialogue of characters is always my favorite part of a novelization. At times, we can guess what a character is thinking in a movie, but here we know for sure.

Immediately, the insight is telling when it comes to Qi’Ra because we learn she isn’t an idealistic as Han. She’s a scrumrat just like him, but only sticks with him because he did the same. She thought about leaving him on Corelia when she had the chance, but instead stuck with him because she felt bad to leave without him after he came back for her.

Solo: A Star Wars Story novel cover. Photo courtesy of LucasFilm.

Her early decisions also affect her later decisions in their relationships as she seems wracked with guilt more than anything else.

3. Qi’Ra: We didn’t learn enough about Qi’Ra in the Solo movie. How did she end up with Dryden Vos? Why did she turn her back on Solo at the end? What will she do next?

These are all questions that popped up once the movie ended, but at least in some form we get more answers from the Solo novel.

4. Lando: He’s still as smooth and as suave as ever. Anywhere he is, is where I want to be.

5. Lafferty’s writing: The author Mur Lafferty provides a clear view of the worlds we are in. She offers good dialogue and gets into the heart of the characters. Her writing is descriptive without being disruptive.

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Lafferty does a great job of showcasing the Star Wars characters we have come to love such as Han and Chewbacca, while also getting us to care about the new additions.

Solo: A Star Wars Story novelization is fun read and here are just a few reasons why you should it now.