What Star Wars comics are new this week?


This week’s Star Wars comics offerings feature the return of Star Wars, and the second Doctor Aphra annual release.

This week’s Star Wars comics feature just two new offerings, but they are good ones.

Star Wars is back with part four of Hope Dies, featuring cover artwork of Han Solo. Star Wars’ Doctor Aphra is also back, but this time with its second annual.

Star Wars #53

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Luke and Han are in the middle of a space battle, while Leia is trying to figure out how to get comms working again after being betrayed by Queen Trios. Things are not going well for the rebellion. After a big win for the Mon Calamari, the rebellion is on the brink of being destroyed.

Han Solo is featured on the cover as he plays an integral role in helping Rogue Squadron. But Luke and Leia play have important parts to play in Star Wars #53.

Here’s how Marvel describes Star Wars #53:

"HAN SOLO…admiral?PRINCESS LEIA leads a squad to try and recover the secret that can save the rebel fleet…Unfortunately, it’s aboard the EXECUTOR."

Doctor Aphra Annual #2 cover. Photo credit: Marvel Comics

Star Wars Doctor Aphra Annual #2

Doctor Aphra’s journey continues in the Annual #2 on a little side quest. She employs a couple of monster hunters to capture a nasty, gigantic creature in a non-lethal way. We meet Winloss and Nokk, married monster hunters who are opposites yet complement each other perfectly.

Of course, not everything is as it seems when it comes to Aphra, and she always has a few tricks up her sleeve. The annual is a bit longer than the regular comic issues, and this was one takes place outside of the timing of Aphra’s main story.

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Marvel describes Doctor Aphra Annual #2:

"MEET WINLOSS AND NOKK – THE GALAXY’S FOREMOST MONSTER HUNTERS!One’s a cyborg with a bad attitude, the other’s a cold-blooded reptile. They’re happily married. They’ve been hired by a mysterious contact to bag an ultra-deadly monster from the heart of an ancient temple.sN.B.: For ‘mysterious contact’ read DOCTOR APHRA, who – and this will shock you – is definitely up to something.N.B.: For ‘happily married’ read THIS IS GOING TO GET MESSY."

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