Hasbro offers convention-exclusive figures in the UK and Europe for the first time


Hasbro offers convention-exclusive Star Wars figurines in the UK and Europe for the first time.

Hasbro is giving international Star Wars fans their first convention exclusive. Starting with Noris Force Con in Germany, the special Han Solo and Princess Leia figures will go on sale, exclusively for fans in the UK and Europe.

The is the first time Hasbro is offering a convention exclusive overseas before it’s offered in the United States, and those Star Wars fans have great figures to add to their collections before anyone else.

The figures will be from Hasbro’s The Black Series featuring Han Solo and Princess Leia depicted as they were in The Empire Strikes Back. The six-inch figures are full of great detail, and you could just picture Leia calling Han a scruffy looking nerf herder by just looking at these figures.

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Each package includes two figures and four accessories. It retails for £49.99.

Here’s the schedule of where the Hasbro convention exclusives will be offered:

  • Noris Force Con (Germany)
  • MCM London Comic Con
  • Comic Con Paris
  • Lucca Comic and Games (Italy).

There will be a limited quantity available at each location. If there are still figures left over at the end of the four-convention run, they may be available online in select markets.

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These are really great figurines. It’s also good to see Hasbro offering specials to fans around the world. Star Wars is an international franchise with fans around the world clamoring to get their hands on collectibles. Fans of Star Wars will want to add these to their collection.

What’s your favorite Hasbro figure in your collection?