Five directors who should make a Star Wars film

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With new Star Wars movies to come after the Skywalker Saga, which new directors should take over the chair.

Few people have sat in the director’s chair on the set of a Star Wars production. Obviously, George Lucas sat there the most; he directed four Star Wars films. But, others also have crafted productions including JJ Abrams (twice counting Episode IX), Irvin Kershner, Richard Marquand, Gareth Edwards, Rian Johnson and Ron Howard.

Technically, Chris Miller and Paul Lord were in the director’s seat before being removed during the filming of Solo: A Star Wars Story. In addition, Colin Trevorrow was slated to direct Episode IX.

Disney’s investment in LucasFilm makes it more likely several Star Wars films will grace the silver-screen soon. Rian Johnson will get another trilogy set in another part of the galaxy. Billy Elliot director Stephen Daldy was also rumored to be in talks about directing a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi film.

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With an infinite amount of movies on the way, several new directors will have their chance to make a mark on this classic movie franchise.

Who would be the best options to direct a Star Wars film?  

Some directors might have critically acclaimed films but do not necessarily fit. For example, no one could see Martin Scorsese taking the helm.

Other directors might have a particular style of filmmaking that would clash with the classic Star Wars aesthetic. Quentin Tarantino would obviously fit this category. His gratuitous violence and dark sense of humor would definitely not work. To be fair, he makes great movies but not Star Wars movies.

So, who does fit? Here are the top five directors who should make a Star Wars film.