What Star Wars comics are new this week: September 12, 2018


Need a good Star Wars read? Check out this week’s Star Wars comics with the new Darth Vader hitting the shelf.

This week’s Star Wars comics feature just one new story, but also the finale of The Last Jedi comic adaptation.

Darth Vader is a new story this week. The Vader series has been one of the best Star Wars comics out there, and definitely worth the read. One of the things the books and comics do is they actually make Darth Vader a more rounded out character than he is featured in the movies. This is one comic worth reading and the newest story is no different.

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Darth Vader #21

After receiving a gift from Emperor Palpatine of Padme’s old ship, Darth Vader is headed to Mustafar, the place where he was created. He chose Mustafar to continue his studying of the Sith and go deeper into his power, but Vader can’t forget about his past no matter how much he runs from it.

That doesn’t just include his time as Anakin Skywalker, but also the deep, dark history of the Sith. Mustafar will be a place Vader confronts of a number of memories and things from the past.

Here’s Marvel’s summary for Darth Vader #21:

"DARTH VADER returns to the place of his birth as he seeks the path to his destiny.Echoes from the past reach out to him – both from his own, and from the dark history of the SITH."

Star Wars: The Last Jedi #6 comic cover. Photo credit: Marvel Comics.

The Last Jedi #6 of 6

The final book of The Last Jedi will release this week. It takes place while Leia and the remaining Resistance are trapped in an old base with Rey trying to save them. It also features Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren facing each other.

While we know what happens in The Last Jedi, the comic still adds extra depth featuring scenes and dialogue that weren’t included in the movie. It’s similar to the novelization in that way.

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Here’s Marvel’s summary for The Last Jedi #6:

"THE LATEST EPISODE OF THE STAR WARS SAGA COMES TO ITS THRILLING CONCLUSION!Trapped in a derelict rebel base, GENERAL LEIA and the last of the RESISTANCE fight for their survival!Will POE DAMERON, ROSE and FINN stop the FIRST ORDER before they destroy the last hope for the galaxy?Is hope dead, or will LUKE SKYWALKER return to confront his fallen pupil KYLO REN?"

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