Solo: Han and Chewbacca deleted snowball scene would’ve been memorable


The Solo: A Star Wars Story deleted scene featuring Han and Chewbacca tussling in the snow would’ve only added to the film if kept in.

Solo: A Star Wars Story, like any Star Wars movie, has its own memorable moments. These scenes/exchanges/actions work together and make up the collective imprint Star Wars leaves on fans and casual watchers alike.

Who could forget Yoda raising the sunken X-Wing on Dagobah – and R2D2’s reaction – or “I have the high ground”? They’re the moments that fly into your head when you think of a particular movie or even Star Wars itself.

When thinking about Solo: A Star Wars Story, a few come to mind: Han and Qi’ra being split apart on Corellia, Han and Chewbacca meeting for the first time, and the “I hate you.” / “I know.” exchange. Turns out, another had to wait for its shine as a deleted scene.

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The Star Wars Show revealed a new Solo: A Star Wars Story deleted scene on Wednesday that involves Han, Chewbacca and snowballs; it’s the kind of a memorable moment that isn’t heroic or emotional, but one that’s just so likable you’ll never forget it.

The scene comes after Enfys Nest disrupts the crew’s coaxium job, finding the remaining trio – Beckett, Han and Chewie – trudging through the snow. Chewie cocks back a snowball and smacks it right into Han’s back, leading to a war of snow and an eventual wrestling match as a surely annoyed Beckett entertains them for a few seconds before telling them to get a move on. Han lands a fastball at Chewie’s chest right before the scene ends.

Let me be honest: this scene is hilarious, and I can perfectly imagine what the roar from the theater would have been like in reaction to it. While we know how buddy-buddy these two become, their relationship at this point is very new, and this scene shows inklings of the push-and-pull relationship they have.

Skip to the 8:15 mark to watch the scene:

The scene also provides levity in a rather serious movie; not to mention the fact that this seems right (or very soon) after the job goes wrong and two members of the crew die. It wouldn’t have made up for the poorly explained sacrifice by Val, or loss of the energetic Rio, but it might have made their deaths easier to swallow in the moment.

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We’ll see what other deleted scenes emerge before the Blu-ray release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but the Snowball Scene seems like it would’ve been a big hit to have in the movie.

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Solo: A Star Story is set for digital release on Sept. 14 and on Blu-ray Sept. 25.