Comic book review: Lando: Double or Nothing #5, the finale


Lando’s adventure comes to an end in Lando Double or Nothing #5 this week. Here’s our review of the final issue in the mini-series.

When we last left off in this series, Lando and the Petrusians were getting ready to fight a slew of Stormtroopers for their freedom. We get exactly that in this final issue of the series. You can tell right away that Lando is having himself a good time by taking out as many Stormtroopers as he can.

Through Lando’s taped chronicles, we know that he goes through the motions quite a bit. He considers quitting, but then decides that there wouldn’t be any fun in that. Later, we see him tell L3 that he wants to consider retirement, but we know that Lando is never quite retired.

This final issue is a quick read. The action flies by and both bodies and droids are everywhere. Rodney Barnes put together a fun little story about Lando helping others even though he always claims to be looking out for himself over everyone else. We also see just how much he’s attached to the Millennium Falcon when you can see the anguish when he finds out that the Imperials have taken it.

Thankfully, L3 is able to find it and Kristiss drops the two of them off on Vandor to go retrieve it. After they’ve been paid, of course. Lando’s way to win it back is by playing Sabacc and the final page of the issue shows him sitting at a table, much like how he’s introduces in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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If you like Lando and haven’t read this entire mini-series, it’s a quick enough read that you can get through all five issues in one sitting. It’s not the best Star Wars story out there, but it’s a fun one and Paolo Villanelli does a nice job of portraying Donald Glover’s Lando on the pages of this series.