Star Wars rumors: Has a lead for the live-action series been cast?


Making Star Wars has reports and rumors that a Game of Thrones actor is in contention for a lead role in the live-action series.

Rumors have surfaced the live-action Star Wars series will begin production next week. But we don’t have any details other than Jon Favreau’s is creating it and it’s probably going to cost a lot of money.

It will also be on Disney’s upcoming streaming service. Yet, we don’t have a name, actors, topic.

But, oh, we have rumors.

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It’s been strongly suggested to show will feature Mandalorians, and now Making Star Wars, which has been killing the coverage so far for the live-action show, says it looks like a Game of Thrones actors has been cast – or at least in contention.

GOT’s Pedro Pascal is rumored to be up for a lead role in the live-action series. If true – and it hasn’t been confirmed yet – that’s a pretty good name for the series. Pascal is no stranger to big-name shows having played Oberyn Martell in GOT.

But MSW didn’t just have casting news to share, it also revealed Dave Filoni and Favreau would be directing episodes.

So far, these rumors only have us more excited about the live-action series, and we already have plenty to get up about. It doesn’t feel like this show is being rushed, it does seem like they are putting the right people in place to ensure they will have a successful first season.

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Yet, we want more. Because if the show is going to begin production, more of these details need to be revealed. Admittedly, it would help distract from some of the negative news that has surrounded the fandom over the past week.

Hopefully, this means the onslaught of news is about to begin.

But if you need your fix, watch Star Wars: Resistance, an animated series that premieres on Disney XD Sunday at 10/9c.