Tales from Vader’s Castle highlights this week’s new Star Wars comics


An oldie and a newbie – that’s what’s in store for this week’s new Star Wars comics for the week of October 3, 2018.

This week’s new Star Wars comics feature a longer series continuation and the start of a new one.

Star Wars returns with issue #55, which brings the Luke, Leia and Han Solo on the brink of war with the Empire. While IDW Publishing releases a new series, Star Wars: Tales from Vader’s Castle.

Star Wars #55

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In the last issue, the heroes have just earned a small victory when they were able to get Trios’ codes to restore the tech aboard the ships. They managed to escape – barely – and now want to turn the battle back onto the Empire in the sixth part of Hope Dies.

The synopsis for the comic is ominous because it insinuates death is coming for the rebellion. But that’s what war is like. There will be deaths, there will be those that survive. There will be more battles to fight even after the fact.

Here’s how Marvel Comics describes Star Wars #55:

"If anyone is to survive this disaster, sacrifice is needed…Who’s going to make it?If hope dies, what survives?"

Tales from Vader’s Castle cover #1. Photo credit: IDW Publishing

Star Wars: Tales from Vader’s Castle #1

IDW is putting out a new release this week in a five-comic run. The first of Star Wars: Tales from Vader’s Castle comes out today – with the five books coming out just in time for Halloween.

It’s interesting how this comic lined up with Marvel’s Vader series since he just got to Mustafar and is planning stages for his fortress. The two comics are not linked, but a fun coincidence anyway.

This five-part series will feature spooky tales – remember it’s October – featuring Darth Vader along with characters from throughout the movies and Star Wars: Rebels.

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The first issue features a story with Kanan, Hera and Chopper – if the cover is any indication. There is also a variant cover for Star Wars fans to collect.

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