General Draven meets his end in Star Wars #54


The Star Wars comic wraps up the story of a Rogue One hero is comic #54. General Draven meets his end.

General Draven was a rebel at heart, fighting against the Empire until his last breath. In the comic Star Wars #54, Draven met his official death, and he did it valiantly.

While Leia, Draven and a group of fighters were on board The Executor in order to get codes off a computer, their escape was thwarted and their only way off the ship was on one TIE fighter.

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One TIE fighter meant just one person would make it off. When Leia told Draven to go with the codes, he refused and told Leia to take the ship. He stayed back and bought time for Leia, which is all she needed.

As Darth Vader made his way into the hangar bay, the rebel crew fought him, but was dispatched quickly. Vader took an extra special time with Draven, not killing him right away.

Vader forced choke Draven, and then broke his neck, in what was a gruesome and dark panel. It was amazingly well done.

Star Wars #54. Photo credit: Marvel Comics.

But now we know what officially happened to the Rogue One hero, he died in sacrifice for the rebels. When you fight against the Empire, generally the life expectancy isn’t very high.

Draven was instrumental in Rogue One, where we first met him. He led the rescue of Jyn Erso, but had issues with her. He wasn’t always easy to get along with, stating his difference in opinions when he didn’t agree with the plan.

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But when it came to it, Draven sacrificed himself when he could have gotten on the TIE fighter to save himself.

Another Rogue One hero is killed in the name of the rebellion.