SEE IT: Star Wars: Resistance figures are on the way from Hasbro


Lucasfilm is all in on Star Wars: Resistance with Hasbro figures announced before the animated series’ premiere. See the full gallery here of all the new toys.

The first day of New York Comic-Con brought some info of new Star Wars: Resistance action figures coming from Hasbro.

Star Wars: Resistance hasn’t even aired yet, and Hasbro has announced new figurines from the animated series are on the way. The new 3.75-inch figures will feature a number of new figures including Kaz Xiono, Commander Pyre, Jarek Yeager, Major Elrik Vonreg, Poe Dameron, Synara San, Torra Doza, and a First Order Stormtrooper.

The Star Wars: Resistance Hasbro toys are expected to arrive in stores in spring 2019.

Here’s a look at all of the Star Wars: Resistance figures coming from Hasbro.

Kaz Xiono

Kaz Xiono. Photo credit: Hasbro

A young pilot recruited by the Resistance – specifically Poe Dameron – to spy on the First Order.

Torra Doza

Torra Doza. Photo credit: Hasbro

A 15-year-old pilot at the Colossus station with fancy flying moves.

Major Vonreg

Major Vonreg. Photo credit: Hasbro

One of the First Order baddies who also has a custom crimson TIE fighter. Who says the First Order doesn’t have any style?

First Order Stormtrooper

First Order Stormtrooper. Photo credit: Hasbro

You can’t have a set of Star Wars figures without a Stormtrooper. The good guy needs a bad guy to fight.

Synara San

Synara San. Photo credit: Hasbro

Synara is a salvager looking for downed ships.

Commander Pyre

Commander Pyre. Photo credit: Hasbro

Pyre is different than other Stormtroopers his gold-and-black armor. We got to see him in an early trailer, but now we have a name to go with the gold Stormtrooper.

Jarek Yeager and Bucket. Photo credit: Hasbro

In addition to these new Star Wars: Resistance individual figures, Hasbro will also offer two different two-packs. The first features Poe Dameron and BB-8, a duo that is practically inseparable except when BB-8 is scouring the deserts of Jakuu. The other features Jarek Yeager and Bucket.

Looks like Lucasfilm is all in with Star Wars: Resistance before the October 7 premiere of the series.

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