Will The Mandalorian feature the Darksaber?


A series about Mandalorians could feature their most important weapon – the Darksaber.

For years many Star Wars fans have wanted to see Mandalore and its unique culture and lore as the focus of a live-action story. These fans’ wishes have officially come true with the news that Jon Favreau’s live-action Star Wars show is titled The Mandalorian, which will tell the story of a lone Mandalorian gunslinger at a time when the Empire has been defeated and long before the rise of the First Order.

Fascinating theories already surround the show from a possible identity of the lone gunslinger to the potential return of a popular Star Wars Rebels character. Another theory that should be taken into consideration is the return of the ancient Mandalorian weapon known as the Darksaber.

The Darksaber is a legendary black-bladed lightsaber forged by Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian to be part of the Jedi Order. It was stored in the Jedi Temple, but House Vizsla took it for themselves during a conflict with the Jedi.

Beyond its unique properties as a weapon, the Darksaber became a symbol of Mandalorian power and heritage. This was best shown through characters like Maul and Sabine Wren who acquired the Darksaber and wielded it as both a formidable weapon and as a symbol.

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Maul used it to inspire fear, crushing his enemies, taking control of Death Watch and Mandalore, and building a vast criminal empire. Sabine used it to inspire and unite Mandalorians against Imperial oppression. While used quite differently, both Maul and Sabine demonstrated the influence the Darksaber held over the Mandalorian people.

In canon, the Darksaber was last seen in the season 4 premiere of Star Wars Rebels. Sabine presented the Darksaber to Bo-Katan Kryze as she became the rightful leader of Mandalore. It is possible that Bo-Katan will still be alive and leading Mandalore in the new series. If she is deceased or no longer the leader of her people, she will likely have passed down the weapon to her successor. Given that the series is so focused on Mandalore, it seems inevitable we’ll meet the current leader, an individual possibly in possession of the Darksaber.

The weapon’s status in Mandalorian culture could very well make it a key part of the show. Perhaps its current whereabouts will be a mystery, one that the lone gunslinger will have to solve, the discovery of which will elevate his or her position on Mandalore.

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It would be most fitting for the Darksaber to resurface in either the first or fifth episode of The Mandalorian as both episodes will be directed by Dave Filoni. The Darksaber was introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and came back in a big way in Rebels, both of which were heavily created by Filoni.

How the Darksaber can be incorporated into The Mandalorian will remain a topic of speculation, but there’s certainly a good chance the one of a kind lightsaber will be making its live-action debut.

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