‘Galaxy of Heroes’ dev team used Aurebesh to announce a fan-favorite addition to the game


Instead of formally announcing Revan is coming to the game as a playable character, a developer made sure fans had to put in the work to decipher the news.

Video game creators and developers are known for their skill and creativity when it comes to making good games.

One of its team members in charge of managing the game’s forums took creativity to the next level when he published a post titled “The Road Ahead …” in the forums on October 6.

The post featured no text. Instead, it included two images that look like complete nonsense – or would, if you weren’t a Star Wars fan familiar with Aurebesh.

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Give the internet a mystery to uncover, and it’ll do it. Fast.

YouTuber AhnaldT101 unravels the mystery in his video below. It apparently took him a while to figure out, but he sums it up nicely in an easy-to-digest, 10-minute explainer.

Basically, when you translate the Aurebesh and put it all together in a single sentence, the puzzle says the following:

(The Road Ahead is coming so/on. The wait wil/l be worth it. bit.ly/naveridei)

The last part of the code – what looks like a bit.ly link (a shortened hyperlink) – says “Jedi Revan” backward if you replace the closing ) with a J. And pasting that link into your browser takes you to a hidden forum page announcing Revan’s imminent appearance in the game.


Could they have just announced they’re adding Revan to the game? Sure. But this was a lot more fun (maybe) than another update announcement.

See? Learning a writing system from a fictional galaxy instead of doing my Spanish homework in high school might have paid off 10 years later after all. (I told you, Mom.)

As Star Wars Hub writer Connor Heggie pointed out in their outline of the video, this still doesn’t make Revan canon. This isn’t the first time developers have added old-school legends fan favorites to the mobile experience – and may not be the last.

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Galaxy of Heroes players can already obtain major legends characters from the KOTOR games – including Darth Traya, Darth Nihilus, Darth Sion, and Bastilla Shan.

Fans have been waiting for a Revan update since the game launched. Now, he’s finally coming.

Do you think Revan will be a Jedi or a Sith in the game? Do you think he’ll have his own event similar to Chewbacca?